How To Publish Power BI Reports

In this brief tutorial, we’ll walk you through how–and what to publish using Microsoft Power BI Reports.

(Haven’t done anything with a report? Learn to make charts as well as chart-like pie graphs.)

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Publishing with Power BI in Power BI

Publishing the report using Power BI report is to upload the report onto the internet in order to are able to share the report with other users on

In this program, publishing is not the same as publishing it on a website. You can however do that by placing the report in an iFrame. This is a component on a web page or onto a webpage.

What you are able to do is governed by your license

  • Power BI is available for free publishing within your personal workspaces in Office 365 apps, like Dynamo CRM.
  • Power BI Pro at $9.99 each month. It allows you to share your reports to the other Power BI Pro users.
  • Power BI Premium costing 49995 dollars per month allows you to report to anyone, even those with an existing Power BI licence.

The reason you should make available Power BI reports

The software you use is Power BI Desktop to create reports. It is created by a single user on one computer. To transfer it to other people and allow it to be useful to others, you have to upload it to the cloud of Power BI.

Another reason (or another reason (or an inability) is the requirement to make the report public in order to know the report’s appearance for the user who will be using it for example:

  • Desktop
  • Tablet
  • Phone

How do I publish a Power BI report

Just press the Publish button and it’s as simple as that. Microsoft will ask users to log into your account.

If you’re using the free version, you are only able to upload this to your My WorkSpace workspace.

Here’s a sample report will look like:

The reports you create show up on the Office 365 Apps desktop: Office 365 Apps desktop:

This concludes the tutorial.

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